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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Who will fill the void you created?
The gentle talks, the assuring words?
Life is so empty now,like a fish pond without the fish.
The longing is killing me,
The happiness is hollow and shallow,
Not just my body,but my soul needs your love.

Saina Nehwal wins HK Open

Congratulations Saina for winning the HK open and making all of us proud!!


This has been the story of my life.

This is the "WORD"  for me. Confused.

What game to play, what story to write, what subject to take for my higher studies,  which field to go, what to do, what not to do, ahh I am and was always confused.

Even after all this confusion I think I am doing pretty well, am I?

I was even confused to host the blog on blogger, wordpress, typepad or design my own website.

I do not know what made me chose blogger.. but here I am...Confused..

So lets see now where this confusion takes me.....